Behind The Scene

Welcome BEHIND THE SCENEs of ANNA’S OFFICE, where true magic happens every day!

High Vibration and Integrity: the secrets of Anna’s stones and workplace. Let’s take a closer look at her powerful healing crystals and stones and the process that creates such a special product!

Why are Anna’s stones so healing?

Crystals contain a natural alchemy with specific healing energy. However, if we want to fully receive the benefits of the stones, these powerful tools must be cared for through regular cleansing and programming.

Anna feels a deep connection with her gem quality stones and hand picks each of them to ensure the finest healing elements. She keeps them vibrating with their higher purpose through daily rituals, where the stones are cleansed with natural incense and programmed with devotional mantras. On auspicious days, when the energies are stronger and higher, a Balinese priest blesses the stones with ceremonial prayers and holy water.

The Temple Team

A Balinese Temple protects both the office and shop space. Offerings are performed every day with intent to guard the space and energise the crystals.

Each devotion and intention is dedicated directly to the Gods of the Temple in the property. To make sure your crystals, gems and stones are well taken care of, we ask for permission and a blessing from the Source of everything.

We make these offerings and blessings to prepare the stones to resonate at their highest healing frequency, before you receive them in your own hands. This is how Anna delivers such a powerful healing product to YOU, by working directly with the Source!


Kuan Yin – Divine Mother of Compassion; Buddha – The Enlightened One; Ganesh – The Remover of all Obstacles

Shiva – The Destroyer of Ignorance; Kali – Goddess of Fierce Protection


Why do some stones change their colour?

Some stones and crystals can change, lose colour or fade completely. There are several reasons for this and we would like to share the cause with you so you have a better understanding and can give them the best care.

Long exposure to the sun

Semi-transparent crystals, such as Amethyst, Aquamarine, Citrine, Fluorite, Celestite, Kunzite, Opal, Topaz or Rose Quartz are affected by long or repeated exposure to sunlight. To maintain their colour and integrity we recommend that you do not leave them outside, or expose them to sunlight for long periods of time.

Intense use of energetic properties

Stones and crystals can also fade or change colour after intense use of their energetic properties. When you use a stone or crystal for a specific issue or matter, it may happen that once the issue is resolved and the matter is unravelled – it will change colour or fade. This is a sign that you and the stone or crystal are ready to move onto the next phase of life.

A good example of this is Kunzite, a stone that is often used to express deep communication from the heart. As people use it for this purpose they often see the colour of the Kunzite crystal change several times as they learn to express.

If your stone or crystal changes colour or fades all of a sudden, observe it and take a moment to reflect on your journey and what you have been through since you chose it. Give thanks to it for guiding, energising and accompanying you and serving you in your purpose, it has been a good ally. Then reunite it with its origins and offer it back to the Earth and elements by placing it in the ocean, a river, or burying it underground.

Anna Michielan offers many healing stones to support you on your journey. Once you have chosen your companion for this phase of life, breathe in and hold it in your hands. Feel the energy and magic that Anna brings to each piece, knowing it has been blessed on the Island of the Gods and powered by the Source.