Discover the meaning behind the 'Chakra Chart' at Anna Michielan's Crystal Shop

When we approach any Crystal Shop or Crystal Shopping experience there is one word that stands out: the word “Chakra”, that comes from the sanskrit writing  चक्र, and literally translates to “wheel of energy”. This is an ancient vast concept coming from the Hindu Spiritual world and it has become over the recent years such an interesting subject of many holistic and healing conversations, especially the ones concerning Healing Jewelry and Crystal Healing. 

In many ancient traditions such as the Balinese and Hindu one, there is the belief of  human life simultaneously existing in two parallel dimensions, one  physical and another psychological or emotional, also  called the "subtle body". This subtle body is represented by a flow of energy that runs through us in the middle of the Chakras, just like a river,  from head to toe and vice versa. 

At Anna Michielan’s Crystal Shop there has been a vaste study over the course of 30 years and the inclusion of many points of view on how the 7 Chakras work, and how they are “placed” in our bodies  connected to our organs and influence our happiness and wellbeing depending on how well they allow energy to flow “in and out” of them and how harmoniously they coexist with each other in our own personal ecosystem. 

That’s why at Anna’s Crystal Shop  in Bali,  but also online on her website,  you find a precious tool called “Chakra Chart” , an extensive guide created for your self exploration and to choose the right crystals. You are invited to learn to pick the right healing crystals to re-balance your chakras based on your emotions, phase of life or current physical form: some Chakras may need to rest, slow down their fast spin, and find calmness with soothing crystals and others may benefit from a sweet push of energy, a boost in their power with reinvigorating crystals to bring all to an aligned harmonious flow. 

Image of a 7 Chakra Chart, showing the seven chakras along the body's midline and the corresponding colors, elements, and associated crystals for each chakra.

If you consult this useful tool online or visit her Crystal Shop  in Bali guided by her trained Crystal Team , you can connect with your inner self and learn to explore your soul. The single Chakra or “Wheels” of Energy are also indicated in different colors according to their auric field,  so you will immediately and easily associate the crystal you want to purchase to its benefit and elevate your Crystal shopping experience.

In the world of Jewelry in Bali the 7 Chakras it's where it all started for Anna Michielan, each one of Anna Creations present at the magical Crystal Shop is connected to one of the Seven Chakras, to help harmonize each energy center, and to shine from your inner beauty with help from the crystals. The Seven Chakras are what inspired Anna Michielan creations from the origin of her work: from minimalists designed necklaces like single dainty crystal drops to the intricate jewelry designs that you find  in the different Chakra collections. Are you ready to elevate your crystal experience?