Flower of Life Meaning and Symbolism

What is the Flower of Life?

The Flower of Life symbol is a two-dimensional illustration that contains 19 equally proportioned overlapping circles. A school of thought known as Sacred Geometry explains the profound meanings implied by this ancient symbol.

The Flower of Life is a geometrical design that consists of 19 circles of the same size that are interconnected. The image looks like a set of equally proportioned flowers. The composition is not only beautiful; it has profound symbolic meanings for our existence, life on Earth, and the formation of the Universe.

The Flower of Life is comprised of simpler shapes, or structures. The design starts with a vesica piscis, which is a geometrical shape consisting of two overlapping circles of the same size:

From the two spheres, additional circles are added.

A similar design, but with only seven interconnected circles is known as the Seed of Life. Just as real-life seeds are the origins of flowers, the Seed of Life symbol is a building block for the Flower of Life design.


What is the meaning of the Flower of Life?

Followers of Sacred Geometry believe these types of repeating patterns demonstrate an interconnectedness of life on Earth and Universal existence. They believe that these arrangements are derived from a single source, which is a divine creator.

In Sacred Geometry, symbols like the vesica piscis, which evolve to become the Seed of Life and then the Flower of Life, symbolize the building blocks of life and existence. They are considered blueprints for creation.