Garnet: The Blood Stone

The Blood Stone – as Chinese people call Garnet – usually comes in deep red colours. Red is the most known colour of garnet, but we can find this gemstone also in green, pink, yellow, brown, purple, and even black.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Garnets supports the flow of Chi – the vital energy – throughout the body. Negative emotions, and their consequences that affect the body, are eliminated from the system. Warmth in the body is increased, cellular circulation improves and the heart is heated.

Garnet is used by Chinese to treat depression, as it is seen as a symbol of strength. Garnet stones and necklaces are traditional gifts for women: it stabilizes their period and helps them during pregnancy.

Garnet possess exceptional qualities to cover a wide range of energetic needs: improving vitality and health, stabilizing the mood and protecting from negativity. The energising and grounding powers of garnet are extraordinary: it can be used for manifesting purposes and worn as a talisman for good luck. Garnets bring us vitality, protection and high energy, but that’s not all! It enhances our self-confidence and reveals our life purpose.


The easiest way to experience the healing properties of Garnet is to wear it as jewelry. Want to enjoy all the benefits of Ruby at a more affordable price? Choose your Garnet!

Ancient Greeks and Romans used to wear Garnet jewelry as protective talismans or amulets. So protect your spiritual journey from all sort of negativity… Garnet works to balance the mind and emotions by helping us remove obsolete ways of thinking and offering space to a new path of abundance and vitality.

Meditate daily with Garnets and discover its divine energy that leads to a superior manifestation of love.

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Just like the ruby stone, garnet brings passion, creativity, and bliss. And due to the spirit of the fire element that it evokes, it radiates strength, energy, and nourishment of sensual energy.

Ready to achieve great success and live at your best? Wear your Garnet Amulet and face 2020 like a warrior!