How to Choose Your Mala!

Deep spiritual practice 

For centuries mala beads has been used for prayer and meditation by Sages, Saints, Mystics and Monks. Malas, like rosaries, are traditionally used to concentrate on repeating mantras and prayers. All religions and mystical practices are connected by the mala. You can be inspired by the purest form of each mystical practice, and apply your mala for setting your intentions, practice gratitude and forgiveness, and change your patterns.

Give meaning to your life

In the 21st century mala beads is worn by people that promote the idea of setting intentions for their life, and choosing to live a more conscious and aware lifestyle. Yoga fashionistas, healers, artists and spiritual people wear malas as an inspiration to live a more peaceful intention based life.

Mala Alchemy

Buddhist and Hindu malas are typically made with 108 beads or a fraction of that; 18, 27, or 54 beads. Some Buddhist monks use malas with 21 or 28 beads for deep karmic practice. Tasbih malas have 33 or 99 beads, and Rosaries have variations of 54 beads or 33 beads. Throughout ancient times these numbers re appear to be sacred and the alchemy of numbers and crystals can be very powerful.



It seems like every celebrity, holy and not so holy, are wearing one of these auspicious beaded strings. Julia Roberts wore one in her movie Eat Pray Love in search for spirituality. Sting, a passionate yogi, wears a mala for conscious living and the Dalai Lama doesn’t leave home without wearing his special mala around his wrist.

Open your heart with a Rosary

Rosaries are used to evoke unconditional love and acceptance; praying with a rosary will arouse you with feelings of purity, gratitude, forgiveness and oneness. Rosaries are usually made with Rose quartz, a stone of “love and kindness”, Pearls, a stone of “purity and innocence”, and Coral, a stone of “unconditional love and forgiveness”

Enlighten your mind

Buddhist teachings are the master of the mind; repeating mantras to your mind can inspire you to think and act more wisely. Chanting can help you gently free your mind from fears, worries and unbalanced thinking. The ancient Buddhist mantras evoke a specific vibration for your mind, which with daily practice can lift your thought patterns to a higher mindset. Repeating one mantra for 3 months daily can help you to fully transform, heal, or change issues that no longer serve you. The crystals used for malas are carefully chosen for their beauty and metaphysical powers; they are an offering to you higher intentions! Malas with darker stones are good for grounding and protection, multicolored malas balance the chakra system and lighter stones are good for moving energy and spiritual awareness. Buddhist malas often contain wood beads for grounding and gentle healing.

Wearing holy seeds around your neck?

Rudraksha holy seeds are very popular in India and used for Hindu practices; the different shapes and sizes of these sacred seeds represent different Hindu gods and their powers. Wearing these auspicious seeds on your body get you in the mood for devotion, bring on your holy mindset and provide a natural grounding. Rudraksha mala are often combined with silver, gold and organic stones like Amber, Pearls and Coral. These malas are an ode to the Gods and to the Earth; a perfect balance to live by!

Remember your prayers with Tasbih mala

The Muslim mystics use the Tasbih mala for their spiritual practice and prayers. Why not be inspired 5 times a day to remind yourself how grateful you are for your life? The Tasbih mala can be a powerful tool to use for clearing yourself from daily worries and anxieties; to help you change unwanted habits, and to create an intimate relationship with your higher mind and heart. Try doing this intense practice for 3 months and see how your life changes in front of your eyes! Tasbih malas are usually made with deeply spiritual stones like Lapis Lazuli to empower your third eye and inner dreams, Rhodonite to awaken your spiritual heart, and Black crystals to help you stay grounded and protected.

 How to choose the right mala for you?

Mala beads can help you move forward in your life through a spiritual practice; they can provide peace and calm, joy, creativity and protection. The individual property of the beads, stones and crystals can enhance, empower and support your intentions. They can act as a reminder to be more conscious about what you’re seeking, how you’re acting, and what you’re manifesting in your life.
 When you wear a mala with intention it can give meaning to your soul purpose; you can wear one to give you strength for challenging times, or to remind you to be more mindful. You can hold a mala in your hand during meditation to keep focus as you touch the beads one by one, repeating your mantra or affirmation. Choose a mala from your intuition and allow your Soul to guide you, or choose the appropriate mala from the description in this article and personalize it with your chosen crystals.

 I purchased a Mala, now what?

Malas can remind you of the positive changes you are making for yourself; wearing one underneath your clothes can give you a sense of safety and protection, or a soft loving reminder to stay close to your heart. You may want to create your own affirmation or mantra and let the beads help you concentrate to repeat them. There is something very auspicious about this experience; it is art for the soul. We don’t have to get stuck in religious rituals but we can be inspired by this ancient practice and apply it in our own creative way.