SAHASRARA: The CROWN CHAKRA and How It Relates To Color and Stones


 The CROWN CHAKRA and How It Relates To Color and Stones

The crown chakra, also known as sahasrara, is the seventh primary energy center in the human body. This crown chakra is located at the top of the head and it's often equated with enlightenment. The crown chakra has many color associations, as well as stones that correspond to it. In this article we'll be exploring some of these associations for you!


What is the Crown Chakra and what does it do?

The crown chakra is located at the crown of your head, where it's often equated with enlightenment. It controls how you perceive and experience spirituality, so when this crown chakra opens up for a person, they may feel more connected to their spiritual side. The crown also has an effect on our personal expression - people who are open minded or have a creative streak in them will find that they express themselves better through art than by being restrained by social norms. However, someone who doesn't have these channels free can be swayed easily from what they want to do because of outside pressure from society (or any other source) telling them otherwise. Those with closed crowns may not receive enough energy from the universe and might suffer as a result!

The crown chakra can also be called crown, sahasrara, lotus flower, thousand petals. It's associated with white crystal energy & merges with all other seven main chakras (and some minor ones too).

The crown chakra has many different colors associated with it. Purple is usually the color of this crown, and purple stones are often used as a way to stimulate or clear the crown chakra (particularly amethyst). Other colors that might be seen as relating to sahasrara include white. These colors aren't limited to just stones either - we'll explore some others in our article!

Crown Chakra Benefits

The crown chakra has to do with spirituality - understanding oneself as well as one's connection to others and that we are all interdependent on each other for survival. This area of focus helps us find clarity amid confusion during difficult times; brings calmness after storms; enhances creativity while reducing negativity & stress.

The crown chakra has many benefits for those who are lucky enough to experience it. When this crown is open and balanced, a person may find themselves more connected with their spirituality and able to take on new adventures without fear of failure or consequences. They will not be as swayed by the opinions of others - instead they'll focus on what's best for them personally. This crown also keeps us grounded in reality so that we're not swept up into our own fantasies all day long! People who have unbalanced crowns can suffer from depression because they're unable to see the realities around them, which lead to mental illness over time. Working towards balance within your crown chakra could save you some serious problems down the road!


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The crown chakra is associated with the color purple, which corresponds to the crown chakra; therefore, stones like Amethysts are excellent for this area of focus. The benefits of amethyst stones are vast. These stones promote general well-being, peace and serenity. They are useful for those who have trouble sleeping or suffer from insomnia. Amethyst is also helpful to release bad dreams and encourage positive ones!

 Amethyst is a variety of quartz and has a deep purple color. Amethyst activates spiritual awareness, opens intuition and enhances psychic abilities. Amethyst is a “stone of spirituality and contentment”, and has strong healing and cleansing powers. It is a natural tranquilizer and deepens meditation.


purple yellow raw ametrine stone on white background


Ametrine is a mixture of citrine and amethyst. This lovely stone embodies the energy of both Amethyst and Citrine; to enhance your mental and spiritual clarity, while uniting masculine and feminine energies. Citrine enhances the ‘will’ of your Solar Plexus, combined with the “knowing” from the Crown Chakra via the Amethyst; result in a very powerful energetic vibration. This connection will aid you to bring your thinking from the physical day to day realm, into the spiritual realm.

Crystal Clear Quartz:

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Clear Quartz connects you with your higher self and brings a sense of clarity into all levels of being as it helps remove energy blockages and opens up communication channels so that messages can be received from other worlds or dimensions. Clear Quartz will amplify any thoughts or intentions held in mind by activating the crown chakra vibration frequency. It also stimulates intuition and enhances creativity while reducing negativity & stress on every level - physical, emotional, mental & spiritual - bringing calmness after storms. With its ability to heal wounds within one's own mind.

 Clear Quartz is a power crystal that harmonizes and balances your aura; it enhances energy and thoughts, and purifies your spiritual, mental, and physical energies. It is also a powerfully protective stone, bringing the purified energy into your energy field. Clear quartz is associated with the crown chakra, and has the ability to amplify, transform, store, focus, and transfer energy.

Herkimer Diamond:


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Herkimer Diamond is a very special double terminated crystal. The Herkimer diamond is known as the attunement stone, and the energy of the Herkimer helps you to begin again in this lifetime. The Herkimer induces joy, inspires independence and improves any type of relationship. It enhances your dream state, helps balances polarities, and increases your energy. It can be used to attune yourself with another person, environment or activity.

Tips For Maintaining a Balanced Crown Chakra at Home or On-the-Go

The crown chakra is easily stimulated so it's important to make sure you're taking care of yourself on every level - physical, emotional and spiritual. As long as one does not overstimulate the crown or third eye chakras simultaneously, these areas can be activated by wearing some jewelry in amethyst, clear crystal or herkimer diamond, that has been placed near your crown area; this will also help keep your crown chakra balanced should you find yourself experiencing any imbalances during times of stress.

The best way to ground oneself when experiencing an imbalance is through meditation: close your eyes and focus all attention on breathing deeply while feeling each part of your body relax after exhaling. Try envisioning a light-blue or lavender color and feel it moving through your crown chakra while you ground yourself in the present moment.

The Crown Chakra Mantra

Om Dum Durgaya Namaha (Repeat this mantra while focusing on crown chakra)

"I bow to the Divine Light and Love within us all. May it be ever at peace."

In Sanskrit, “Dum” means "To Protect". So when we say 'OM' a few times before saying 'Dum Durgaya Namaha,' we are requesting the Divine to protect and bless all that is within us.

This crown chakra mantra is used in a variety of ways: one may use it for daily meditation, prayer, or when awakening from sleep; this chant can also be said before each meal or at any time you feel like you're ready to give up.

When you inhale, chant “Om” and when exhaling, chant “Dum Durgaya Namaha." Repeat this mantra at least three times in a row for the best effect. This crown chakra mantra is especially beneficial during meditation or prayer as it helps one feel more connected to the Divine.

Use this crown chakra mantra when you need help in maintaining motivation or energy levels, combining well with Clear Quartz so that it will both activate crown chakra energies while providing clarity - helping one stay calm amid any storms on every level of self.

In this blog post, we’ve talked a little bit about the crown chakra and some of its main qualities that make it such an important part of our energy system. Now you know what your body needs to be happy! Whether you need more self-love or want to feel more connected with others, there are a lot of ways for you to take care of yourself through jewelry.

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