What Makes Anna Michielan's Jewelry So Special

Anna Michielan – Clear Vision and High Integrity 

Anna and her loyal team have a holistic attitude to the way they work; they follow healthy living principles and start each day with meditation. Each morning they offer gratitude to Heaven and Earth, gather energy from the Source to start the day and commit to spreading love and kindness.


Shop Opening in Bali, 2017

Anna’s wish is to make quality pieces that last a lifetime and she is always improving her knowledge, refining her designs and ensuring that each piece is carefully checked and controlled for quality.

What gives Anna’s jewelry greater value?

Connection is the secret to the healing power of Anna’s products. The stones and crystals are connected to the Source each day through Anna, her intentions and mantras, before they are offered to you. Through every piece you choose you are reconnected to the Source, which is welcoming and nurturing you.

Anna personally hand picks each gemstone and crystal, for its colour, flawless beauty, and healing qualities. Her experience over the past 20 years in buying stones and creating beautiful healing jewelry has refined her eye and her intuition, so she only chooses the most energised high grade stones.

Anna’s designs are handmade by her carefully trained Balinese artisans from the finest quality elements- silver and gold clasps and chains are the best quality imported from Italy and the durable string and copper wire come from the US. Once each piece is crafted, it is personally checked by Anna to maintain the highest standard of quality control.

Anna wants everyone to experience the benefit of healing crystals, so she does offer some pieces that are produced with the same integrity but are made from stones and materials at a lower price point.

Before releasing her healing crystal pieces to their new owner, Anna studies and connects to each one and names them according to their vibration. They are then priced with consideration to the value of the stones and materials, and how they have been crafted and initiated by Anna Michielan and her team.

When you buy one of her creations, you take home much more than just a product: you also gain her creativity, art, devotion, attention to detail and dedication.

The Ritual

The journey of your jewelry is fascinating and intense. When the parcels arrive from their original location – generally Hong Kong or Bangkok, but also India, Brazil, South Africa, Afghanistan and New York City – the stones are blessed and purified with holy water and incense.

Intention is one of the strongest tools Anna uses to ensure the stones and crystals are re-programmed and re-energised. Our mind is the most powerful instrument we have to create a new present and a new future.

Anna releases any energy attached to the raw materials by asking the stones to release anything they may have picked up from the mine, customs, or people who have touched them before their arrival.

Why? Stones and crystals are energetically living elements that transfer and collect emotions and feelings. Before Anna decided to have the raw materials cleaned, blessed and purified, her girls in the office were often getting brutal headaches or experiencing extreme low energy. Anna and her spiritual guide later understood that stones coming from strongly charged locations – like China or Afghanistan – were still carrying all the intensity of their origins.

After the purification ritual, the stones are programmed to be a tool that will serve the people who will receive them, helping them in their challenges, assisting them in becoming better human beings, reconnecting them with the Source.

For the highest good of all concerned, and so it is so

Anna completes her ritual with this statement to confirm all the intentions she has made and place them in the stones and jewels.

Calm your mind, feel what your soul needs and let your crystal call you! The Source always knows what is best for you, just listen!