Why Do Crystals Have Different Shapes?

When I saw a crystal for the first time I was completely enchanted by its beauty. I didn’t know a lot about it but I couldn’t take one step back from that sight. One of the most amazing thing I realized was that everything started to be deeply connected. Once you get in touch with the Crystal’s world there is no point of return and they start to pop up everywhere, just like Google Spam 😉 . My focus changed as I followed my intentions. I began to get in touch with people that talk about stones and their properties even in places that I never expected it. My curiosity encouraged this process and drafted my path of growing.
I still remember the first crystal I was attracted by: the Amethyst. I read that Amethyst activates spiritual awareness opens intuition and enhances psychic abilities. It is a natural tranquilizer and deepens meditation. So it was the perfect tool to wear during my Kundalini Yoga lessons in Bali. Through turning off my mind, I could feel more about what surrounded me at that time. Usually every big change or new path really scared me, but thanks to my Amethyst necklace I was feeling safe and always connected to the source of the energy in my body. I started to be more sensitive, and my sight became wide and open. My body was lighter and my soul became alive again. I could spend hours looking at my necklace with Amethyst and wonder why a small thing like that can change everything. On the following days I started to collect information and suddenly felt euphoric.
The question that popped up in my mind was: how I can use his potential at its best? So I found out about some daily/monthly routine I could do as the first step to develop a more intimate relationship with my crystal.

As all crystals absorb energy from different sources the first ritual is to cleanse them and connect with them. After reprogramming and connecting with them, with your intension, the crystals will interact with you according to your own frequencies.

One of my favorite ways to cleanse them is during full moon. Living in Bali the days that precede full moon are very intense due to the preparation of this event for the Balinese people. Basically every month they make it so special celebrating different cleansing ceremonies under the moonlight, making beautiful offerings and performing ceremonies. So when the day of Full Moon occurs first I cleanse the bowl (See picture above, Fluorite Bowl, soon available on this website) with some running water, then I collect all my crystals and I wash them before laying them in the bowl and then I expose them under the moonlight to re-energize.

Sometimes I like to sit and contemplate the moon, gathering my thoughts of the past month and try to focus on what I want to achieve in the next moon cycle.

The following morning after the full moon I burn my incense and meditate in front of the bowl picking up the stones one by one programming them with my new energy and goals. Sometimes after holding the crystals I keep a record of results.

So after a few years of questioning, I listed a ABCrystal guidelines for who is starting to know the amazing world of the Mineral Kingdom. I thought it would be great to write down a little explanation of some terms that usually occur on online shops of crystals, helping you to understand what you are buying or just to learn some small basics about their characteristics, structures, formation and shapes.

I hope you’ll find it useful 😉


A cluster is very large crystal with many long or short points emerging, each of which can be programmed for a specific purpose. A cluster brings peaceful harmony to a group and is extremely useful for generating healing energy. Clusters are especially useful for cleansing a room or other crystals; Clusters are Abundance Crystals.


A double-terminated crystal has two points on each side. They can be naturally or artificially shaped. Through these two points energy can radiate or absorb it in two different directions at once or function as a bridge between two energy points. It is a useful tool during crystal healing because of its characteristics to break old pattern.


Druzy gemstones are mostly collected for their beauty. Sometimes referred to as druzy, druze, druse or drusie. Druzy usually grows originally over another crystal or matrix, with many tiny crystals and with a glittering effect. Like other types of clusters, they can empower the energy of other crystals and stone.  (See the crystal here)


Egg-shaped crystal have energy and they can be used to rebalance blockages in the body. They can be useful tools during reflexology or acupressure treatments. Holding one in your hands is an amazing healing treatment.


Geode is configured in the form of a closed shell with many crystals pointing inward. Geode holds and amplifies energy within themselves due to their round cave like shape. They are useful for protection and aid spiritual growth. Often used as purifiers and cleaners of other crystals that can be placed in it or on top of them. Leaving your crystals and crystal jewelry on an Amethyst Geode it’s the most recharging thing you can do. (See the crystal here) 


An inclusion is a formation that can be present inside a crystal from other crystal stones or minerals and a crystal can contain an undefined number of inclusions, although it’s already quite rare for it to contain one or two. An inclusion can be a cloudy spot or patch or line. It can be deposited on a external face or show through when looking at the crystal. The type of inclusion amplifies the properties of the crystal and become a combined energy.


Laser Quartz are naturally formed, long Quartz Crystals. They get thinner as they go closer to their point, which is called termination; it has many small facets. They are extremely powerful instrument and healing tools as they focus, concentrate and accelerate the energy passing through them and act like lasers. Used in crystal healing to activate other crystals, connect them and activate crystal grids. They stimulate acupuncture points and reach tiny structures deep within the body. They are great tools for Pineal Gland activation.


Pendulums are used to dialogue with your “Higher Guidance”; It serves as a biofeedback device. When relaxed and centered ask the pendulum to show you a “yes’ and a “no” and establish the directions. When clear and in stillness you are ready to begin ask questions that can be answered with a “yes” and a “no”.


Crystals have points emerging from a cluster base or can be separated. A single crystal point is often used in healing. It rapidly transmits energy focused in one straight line. Pointed away from the body, it draws energy off. Pointed inward, it channels energy to the body.


When you read polished crystal don’t think it’s something strange. Polished crystals are crystals with one or mostly all sides even. They are the result of man intervention, and shaped in beautiful geometric shapes to even the sides mother earth gave them. Polished crystals can be round, can be pyramids, pointers and all that shows a smooth surface at touch.


A pyramid-shaped crystal has four sides on a base that can be natural shaped or squared if artificially shaped. When they are natural shaped it can amplify and focus energy through the apex. Pyramids can be useful tools to unblock the negative energy and blockages from the chakras.


A raw crystal it’s a crystal in it’s original organic formation. Raw crystals are the ones with no intervention by man, not polished cut or unsmooth. They hold sometimes rocky parts known as “matrix” from where they were originated or held on to rocks in mines or on land. Their sides are geometric, as the precision of such geometry depending from the type of crystal they are, and they are uneven and rough at times at your touch. Raw crystals are all crystals how they are in nature.


Balls are usually shaped from a larger piece of crystal and they emit energy in all directions equally. They emit their energy equally in all directions and are perfect in a room or part of your house, office or garden. Used as a window to the past or future, they move energy through time and provide a glimpse of what is to come.


Square shaped crystals consolidate energy within their form. A square crystal is useful for anchoring intentions and grounding. Naturally occurring square crystals such as Fluorite and Pyrite can draw off negative energy and transform into positive.


Wands have the ability to focus energy tightly around their tip. The healing ability of wands is expanded when programmed with your intent. It strongly amplifies energy and focuses this where it is needed.

Source: Hall, J. (2009) The Crystal Bible, volume 1.