C34 - Connection To Source

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Wearing this mala with Smokey Quartz and Frosted Crystals provides a grounding, protection, and clearing to your energy field. Smokey Quartz stabilizes your emotions.

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126 beads, 94cm, 65.6gr


For centuries mala beads have been used for prayer and meditation by Sages, Saints, Mystics and Monks. Malas, like rosaries, are traditionally used to concentrate while repeating mantras and prayers. The beads are made of a specific stone with metaphysical powers, and the number of beads also represents an auspicious meaning.  Malas are generally made of 108 beads or a fraction of that number. Frosted Crystals are said to have been touched by Fairies. This touch brings energies of communication with nature, nature spirits, and spirits of the elements, and for learning from these beings. Frost Crystals can also help you be closer to nature and to care for Mother Earth and the natural world around us. Smokey Quartz grounds and protects you at all times. In the psychic and spiritual realms, Smoky Quartz centers you during meditation and can provide a grounded link between the physical and higher selves, helping to uncover subconscious wisdom.  Using smoky quartz during meditation enables you to reach higher states of consciousness.