C39 - Emotional Release Mala

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Wearing this mala made of crystal clear quartz will help release your emotions and bring peace of mind.  This mala helps you to lighten up your spirit! The pendant is a raw crystal piece.

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153 beads, 95cm, 50gr


This mala is made with perfect faceted Crystal Clear Quartz beads completed with a raw Crystal Clear pendant. For centuries mala beads has been used for prayer and meditation by Sages, Saints, Mystics and Monks. Malas, like rosaries, are traditionally used to concentrate on repeating mantras and prayers. The beads are made of a specific stone with metaphysical powers, and the number of beads also represents an auspicious meaning. Malas are generally made of 108 beads or a fraction of that number. Crystal Clear Quartz is the supreme gift of mother earth; the six prisms of pure light and energy make it the perfect jewel. Crystal Clear Quartzhas a very strong vibration, contains excellent metaphysical properties and are the easiest crystals to program; this is why they are utilized in industry and are used to make silicon chips for computers and radios and other man made devices.