G83 - Supreme Protection

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This mala offers you strong protective energies that help you ground as well. Onyx relieves and removes energy blockages within your emotional and physical body. It’s a “stone for peace. Frosted Onyx provides physical endurance, protection . Bronzite promotes certainty and control, encourages you to take control over your own actions and enables you to be sure about what it is that you want in your life. This stone helps you to find stillness inside, as it brings you total serenity. Good stone for meditation. Bronzite is used for protection from all sorts of dangers; physical or psychological harm, and evil wishes.  Black Tourmaline beads balance the higher energies with a grounding aspect, which makes this mala perfect for meditation and attuning to spirit while staying firmly on the ground and with a shied of protection

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Jewel Description
Bronzite, Onyx Frosted
Pend. Raw Black Tourmaline,
with Cuttlefish Bone Casting
Necklace 60cm long