H4S - Baby 7 Chakra Short

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Babies wearing this Seven Chakra mala will harmonize and balance each of their 7 chakras. Each stone will bring a different vibrational healing and altogether bring joy to your baby! This shorter children’s mala is for children from 5 years and up; it is fun, happy and colorful; your child will love wearing this mala, while receiving the subtle healing energies of the different stones. Your child can wear this mala on her or his body; but you can also place it somewhere near to where they spend a lot of time, like near to where they sleep. The selection of carefully chosen stones will help your child to balance his or her energies. Rudraksha beads are sacred seeds used by the Hindu’s for prayer and devotion.

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Crystal Properties
Jewel Description
Garnet, Carnelian, Citrine, Aventurine, Turquoise,
Lapislazuli, Amethyst,Crystal Quartz, Rudraksha,
108 beads,