G18 - Mala Andre

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Frosted Onyx provides physical endurance, protection and healing properties while Botswana Agate provides you with the balancing of yin-yang energy. This mala stabilizes your aura, and is capable to smoothing your denser energies.

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108 beads, 94cm, 93.3gr


This mala is named after our friend Andre who loves wearing this beautiful 108 beads mala; the attractive Eye Agate from Botswana has unusual patterns, which gives this mala a special look. The "eye" formation in Botswana Agate is both protective and considered especially lucky; consider holding one while picking lottery numbers or choosing a horse for a race. Botswana is a soothing and calming crystal, which works slowly to bring inner strength, self-acceptance and self-confidence. The frosted Black Onyx is in an interesting contrast with the frosted Crystal Clear Quartz, creating a perfectly balanced look of feminine and masculine. The metallic glow of Bronzite adds to the fascination of this mala; Bronzite encourages you to take control of your own actions and enables you to be sure what you want in your life. Black stones have protective energies in the sense that black is the absence of light, and therefore, can be used to create invisibility. Black Onyx’s meaning is self-control, decision-making, sharp intuition and physical endurance; it is regarded as one of the most powerful protection stones as it absorbs negative energy of people to release mental stress and promote emotional wellbeing. Frosted Crystal Clear Quartz bring clarity to your mind and purifies your spirit while our trusted Black Tourmaline brings you fierce protection and grounding.