O2 - 7 Chakra Anklet

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This cute Seven Chakra anklet brings joy to your look; seven colorful stones, one for each chakra, completed with a sacred Rudraksha bead. A lot of power in a small jewel for your anklet!

Length : Adjustable

Weight : 2 grams


This vibrant multicolored adjustable anklet with a sacred Rudraksha bead adds color to your every day look; it can be worn with the matching mala for a happy and joyful statement. Rudraksha Beads are sacred seeds used by the Hindu’s for prayer and devotion. The seeds form naturally on the Rudraksha tree. Hindu mythology named these beads “The Tears Lord of Shiva”. Citrine brings you an instant feeling of abundance as it carries the power of the sun. Garnet grounds you base chakra and physical body, Carnelian looks after the sacral chakra and inspires you to be intimate and creative, Aventurine nurtures your heart, Turquoise sooths the throat chakra to help your true expression, Lapis Lazuli makes you see the inner dreams of your third eye chakra while protecting you psychically, and Amethyst connects you to your higher self through the crown chakra.