S394 - Master Healer

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This is one unique necklace filled with mystical power and mesmerizing to look at. The light shines on this stunning Brandberg pendant, set in a Cuttlefish bone casting which is a 12th century technique of casting called “osso di seppia” which results in single pieces each with a unique pattern. Brandberg attunes you to pure consciousness and is the most versatile and multi-dimensional healing tool on the planet, unparalleled in its beauty, energy and light; it reconnects you to the purity of your being. Silver is the metal of the moon. Like the moon and water, silver is reflective and used to mirror the soul, bringing you calm and balance. Herkimer Quartz “Diamonds” are the high energy seekers of the crystal world. Unusually transparent with a brilliant sparkle, they manifest pure, solid light and are powerful amplifiers of spiritual energy
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Crystal Properties
Jewel Description
onyx frosted,
herkimer diamond,
pend. Brandberg with cuttlefish bone casting,