S189 - Harmony Of Chakra

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This necklace harmonizes all your chakras. Multi-coloured and a mix of shapes powerful chakra stones, this necklace is super charged by the rose gold plated pendant of the “flower of life”.


The stones of this pretty necklace have different shapes and contain vibrant colours, completed with a pretty Silver Rose Gold Plated pendant; a true pleasure to wear! Garnet stimulates your physical strength, Citrine empowers your mind, Turquoise soothes the throat chakras to help your expression, Lapis lazuli opens your third eye and Amethyst connects you to the divine. Sandstone offers you a loving acceptance of humanity, Peridot emits a warm and friendly energy, Chrysocolla balances the lower 3 chakras, Labradorite assist you in choosing your destiny, and Crystal Clear Quartz enhances the power of all the above stones! The symbolism of the “Tree of Life” is offering you a fresh start on life.