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Adjustable in size, this string bracelet contains cooling beads of Amazonite, Fluorite and Rutilated Quartz. Amazonite is a wonderful healer for your emotional body, transmuting fear and worry into a cool trusting and a deep calmness. It is soothing for your nerves and is particularly rejuvenating to your heart and throat chakra, and enhances communication concerning love. Fluorite is a powerful crystal to use in balancing your brain, and is excellent for learning and study; it is extremely effective against computer and electromagnetic smog. Rutilated quartz is also called angel hair and assists you in getting to the root of a problem; it brings joy and abundance, and promotes forgiveness at all levels. It opens your aura and helps with your spiritual progress. Rutilated Quartz soothes your nerves and balances your brain chemistry; it is the perfect crystal to draw off negative energy.

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set with artificial string,

Size: S-M, L-XL