S611 – Tibetan Mala Spiritual Attunement

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Striking looking mala with auspicious elements and a unique pendant from Tibet. White Agate is a stone of hope, purifies blockages and protects you from energy drainage. Amber has been used by many civilizations as a talisman for clearing energies. Amber allows your body and your emotions to heal itself by absorbing and transmuting any dense energy into positive energy. Amber can help you with your manifestations, offers you psychic protection and cools your nerves with a warm energy. Turquoise is an excellent stone for spiritual attunement, healing and cleansing both the energy centers and the physical body. Turquoise is providing you with a soothing energy and bringing you peace of mind; it is a protective stone, dispelling dense energy and purifying your Soul.

Can be set with S770E

Jewel Description
90 beads
84cm long

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