Fuchsite - helps us to understand issues concerning your daily lives such as stress, physical health, routines, career and environment. Fuchsite teaches you true self-worth and helps to overcome codependency. Fuchsite aids in a speedy recovery from trauma, both emotionally and physically.
Fluorite - is a powerful crystal to invigorate your intellect, and is excellent for learning and study; it is extremely effective against computer and electric devices. This stone can overcome chaos and draws off any dense energy and stress of...
Fluorite Green
Fluorite Green - can bring a cleansing, tidying, mint-like freshness of springtime and renewal to your chakras. It can also be used to help diminish mild trauma in the emotional body and to eliminate any dense energy  from within a room....
Fluorite Blue
Fluorite Blue - invokes spiritual awakening and clear communication.
Fluorite Yellow
Fluorite Yellow - enhances your creativity and helps to release physical toxins.
Fluorite Purple
Fluorite Purple - is a powerful meditation stone and opens your 3rd eye.        
Faden Quartz
Faden quartz - is a variety of Quartz crystal. Faden quartz is one of the premier healing stones of the Quartz family. Perhaps because the stones themselves were ‘injured’ (broken and re-healed) during their growth process, they carry the pattern of...
Flower of Life
Flower of Life - Represent patterns of creation as they emerged from the beginning of time. This symbol is found in many ancient wisdoms and sacred sights all over the world. The flower of life contains a sacred shape that...