Jewels of Love, Beauty, Joy, and Positive Change.

Connect with the Healing Properties of Crystals and Stones and Start Your Inner Journey. 

When Art Meets Intuition

Anna Michielan is an artist that connects to the Source of Creativity through her spiritual practice and meditation. Her learning journey started in Venice, where she explored the remarkable traditions of her hometown.

She learned her exquisite beading technique from an “Impiraressa Veneziana” — who passed on to Anna this ancient beading technique from Venice. She then attended the Jewelry Academy of Art & Crafts of Vicenza — one of the biggest jewelry centers of Italy — to perfect her knowledge of jewelry design. 

She sketches the design and waits patiently for the creation of each piece by the hands of her expert artisans. Her healing art is enhanced by care, dedication, and love in handling and creating that special peace you will bring home.

Beauty. Inside Out.

The stones are blessed with incense, holy water and flowers. Every day they’re  programmed and cleaned with devotional mantras to bring out their highest potential. 

The perfect piece you need to face your challenges will always find you. The crystal will call you, just empty your mind and be ready to listen. 

From Bali, with Love & Light.

When was the last time you felt in tune with your environment, your heart and your energy? What if you could feel the love that is all around you? When are you going to let your life be led by light and peace?

You could start the beautiful journey to your transformation now. You just need the right guidance, perspective and tools.

Set your intentions and explore a more authentic, conscious and aware existence.

Yogis, healers, spiritual masters, artists, scientists, and executives — take the first step of your healing path!

Explore your inner thoughts and emotions from the kaleidoscopic lent of powerful crystals. Let your next transformation tool choose you!

Get your energy in balance, feel recharged, connected to your soul and enhance your creative energy.

Are you ready to live your truth?

Kimberly Pegg

Client - Canada

Jewelry makes you feel special and Anna's pieces are awesome. Her design, her thoughtfulness and quality shines through in every piece. I invite you to go to her Shop and take a look around, the jewelry pieces are exquisite. Every time i go to Bali I buy a piece of jewelry from Anna - there is a very special quality about the jewelry and I believe in the healing qualities of her jewelry, I keep coming back. All the best Anna thank you for helping me.

Ash Johns

Retreat Curator & Leader - USA

The entire Anna Michielan team has become extended family to me since my very first crystal mala bead purchase. From the moment I stepped into the sacred showroom, I could feel the love, positive energy and absolute passion Anna and team have for the work they do. The guidance received while picking out each of my crystal jewelry pieces was so personal, I would call visiting Anna's shop an intuitive consultation to ensure you leave with exactly what you need. I just LOVE how my relationship with my crystals has been enhanced with daily wear and keeping in mind exactly why and how the piece came into my life. In fact, in Anna's showroom, you don't pick the piece, the piece picks you! Thank you again ladies — forever grateful and a HUGE fan!

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