Seven Chakras

Seven Chakras

Seven stones to balance your body. Each stone clears, heals, and activate each chakra.

Crown - Seventh Chakra

Clear your mind, transform energy and connect to your self with crystal clear quartz.

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Third Eye - Sixth Chakra

Meditate with powerful spiritual vibrations and open the third eye.

Throat - Fifth Chakra

Wear blue stones to express yourself and activate your throat.

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Heart - Fourth Chakra

A collection of a pretty soft colored crystals to heal your heart.

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Solar Plexus - Third Chakra

Stones to empower your will, boost your energy and create a protective shield around you.

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Sacral - Second Chakra

Stones to invite new ideas, inspirations, and confidence in your creative process.

Sacral Chakra Collection

Root - First Chakra

Stay centered, grounded, and protected with the darker stones.

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