UGO (Client, Italy)

"I met Anna when she was very young and looking for a job that suited her personality. I thought that, once she learned the "how to", she would be able to express her fantasies in practice, so I suggested she attend the Vicenza School of Arts and Crafts.

I was not wrong. What Anna has managed to create on the splendid island of Bali is also the result of these initial experiences, then amplified by an infinite imagination, accompanied by an unthinkable entrepreneurial character. Anna has merged Italian creativity with Balinese spirituality: this is her secret.

When she tells me about past difficulties and the doubts that still accompany her today (and who doesn't have them?), I tell her with an open heart that she must be proud of what she has done.

The shop inaugurated in Bali in 2022... is anextraordinary confirmation of this.

Well done, very good Anna."

"Ho conosciuto Anna quand'era molto giovane e alla ricerca di un lavoro adatto alla sua personalità. Ho pensato che, una volta imparato il "come fare", avrebbe saputo esternare le sue fantasie nel concreto, così le suggerii di frequentare la Scuola d' Arte e Mestieri di Vicenza.

Non mi sbagliavo. Quello che Anna è riuscita a creare nella splendida isola di Baliè anche frutto di queste iniziali esperienze, amplificate poi da una fantasia infinita, accompagnata da un impensabile carattere imprenditoriale. Anna ha fuso in sé la creativit italiana con la spiritualità balinese: è questo il suo segreto.

Quando mi racconta delle difficoltà passate e dei dubbi che ancora oggi la accompagnano (e chi non ne ha?), le dico a cuore aperto che deve essere fiera e orgogliosa di quello che ha fatto.

Il negozio inaugurato a Bali nel 2022...è una straordinaria conferma di ciò.

Brava, bravissima Anna."

First when I stop at the shop Anna Michielan for a friend who is looking for tourmaline crystal. I thought this is another jewellers to sell their creations. The truth it is not. This crystal creations are so different because it’s with purpose - to heal and to calm you down as well as work your chakras.

Being me, I never belief in stones or crystals. What happened was, I coincidentally bought one tourmaline and hematite bracelet because one of my bracelets was broken. So as for replacement - that was my intention.... read more.

Nourul Depp (Client, Malaysia)

Anna Michielan is my go-to for healing crystal jewelry. The attention to detail and divine combination of crystals reflect Anna’s unique touch. I was  looking for specific crystals that could call in ancestral guidance and protect me on my path. Anna helped me chose the perfect necklace, bracelet, and crystals for this.

Whenever I need this guidance and protection, I reach out to these crystals and I feel protected and guided when I wear this jewelry. The guidance which I receive from these crystals is truly grounding and helps me tune into a deeper resonance.

Ruby (Client, Switzerland)

Not only is it uber-luxe in quality, with amazing attention to detail, worn by the stars, and only sold in the most exclusive boutiques, but it’s so much more than this.

Anna ethically sources all her gemstones, her group of female artisan makers work in pristine conditions in her store in Bali and are treated like family. Every piece of hand-made jewellery is blessed before it leaves the studio and you can really feel the difference that makes to the energy of every piece. This is not commercial, rushed, or passed through any hands that are suffering.

If you are going to buy a piece of spiritual jewellery then it should contain “good vibes only,” in order to aid you on your spiritual path.

House of Formlab (Netherland)

I am so grateful to Anna Michielan and her team for helping me find the perfect set of mala beads that truly reflect my thoughts and consciousness.

I had been searching for a set like this for a long time and initially saw a set I liked at Capella Singapore, but it had more than 108 beads. A few months later, the beads were still on my mind and my spouse reached out to Anna and her team.

I am so thankful that they went above and beyond to locate the design and recreate aset with 108 beads for me. The purity and sparkling quality of the beads make Anna Michielan a brand that is unparalleled.

Edaline Ching (Client, Singapore)

Anna is an extremely talented artist!

Being able to conceive and create such exquisite meaningful pieces of jewelry is a real gift and I have had the privilege of knowing Anna both personally and professionally.

I wear her pieces almost exclusively and I am still in love with the first piece I ever purchased... read more.

Luisa Anderson (Regional Director of FourSeasons Resorts SPA)

Anna Michielan is basically all I wear now. I couldn't think of wasting the opportunity to wear something for purely aesthetic pleasure since finding such beautifully hand crafted jewellery with healing crystals that brings strength to me in the areas I need.

There is something so beautiful about the whole selection process and not a single day goes by that I don't have at least one Anna Michielan piece on me!

Kayla Rose Ellison (Artist, Singapore)

The entire Anna Michielan team has become extended family to me since my very first crystal mala bead purchase.

From the moment I stepped into the sacred showroom, I could feel the love, positive energy and absolute passion Anna and team have for the work they do. The guidance received while picking out each of my crystal jewelry pieces was so personal, I would call visiting Anna's shop an intuitive... read more.

Ash Johns (Retreat Curator & Leader, USA)

Wearing Anna’s pieces make me feel stylish, classy and protected throughout my daily interactions and teaching radiant heart yoga.

Some days my spirit feels out of balance and when I wear a vibrant crystal I get my energy in balance, feel recharged, connected to spirit and creatively inspired. God bless and thank you Anna. You are an amazing designer and crystal channel.

Amanda Jane (Yoga Teacher, Australia

Anna Michielan's Healing jewelry is beyond healing for me! Aside from obvious authentic beauty to every piece of intricately designed jewelry I've bought... It has helped me get through this year!

If one knows about crystals and stones it's understood that they have a personal ‘calling’ to every individual! For me, it has been a personal journey to balance chakras where some have opened one by one since December.

Victoria Ann Johns (Client, United Kingdom)

All is well~ I received the necklace yesterday afternoon!

Thank you again for the first class care and attention and to extend the life of this jewelry. Love it! Hope to visit Bali again soon. Wishing you and your loved ones continued health and success!

Zimmie (Client, Korea)

As a Homoeopath, Kinesiologist, Tibetan Sound Therapist, energy healer and Yoga teacher, I wear Anna's Malas whenever I am teaching, consulting or working on clients to draw in a pristine form of energy, that gives me clarity, guidance and insight.

Now wouldn't work without them!

Grant Smith (Energy Healer, Australia)

When arriving to Anna's showroom I was overwhelmed by not just the many beautiful crystals but friendliness of herself and staff.

I couldn't be more grateful for Anna's donation to the Tibet House and her wealth of knowledge that accompanied it. I am happily wearing my new crystals with gratitude and awareness.

Thank you Anna.

Samantha Rezk (Tibet House, USA)

I never thought I would be attracted and fascinated by crystals. One day I've met Anna Michielan and I instantly fell in love with those beautiful jewels.

I'll never forget the powerful experience I went through wearing my gorgeous Mala. I'll always thank the Universe and Anna Michielan for introducing me to this new wonderful world of the healing stones.

Luka Fanni (Client, Italy)

I have seen a lot of crystal jewellery around but none of them have ever compared to the living vibrancy of Anna's jewellery, which reflect the care, dedication and most importantly love in handling and creating that special peace.

Love her healing art.

Filomena Aversa (Yoga Teacher, Australia)

Upon visiting Anna Michielan’s shop in Bali, Anna invited me to look at her Brandenberg quartz crystals and took the time to explain their origin and uniqueness, as well as their qualities.

By the end I left with a simple necklace with a silver setting for the crystal, which I have been wearing every day and has supported me in a particularly important phase of my life of new ventures and projects, and also a bigger Brandenberg crystal for the mesa/altar that I use in my healing ceremonies with Ayahuasca and San Pedro in Peru, where I live and conduct my healing work.

That crystal sits now in a very important part of my mesa to support my clients in their emotional healing and letting go.

Thank you!

Javier Regueiro (Author and Plant medicine, Peru)

Jewelry makes you feel special and Anna's pieces are awesome.

Her design, her thoughtfulness, and quality shines through in every piece. I invite you to go to her Shop and take a look around, the jewelry pieces are exquisite.

Every time i go to Bali I buy a piece of jewelry from Anna - there is a very special quality about the jewelry and I believe in the healing qualities of her jewelry, I keep coming back.

All the best Anna thank you for helping me.

Kimberly Pegg (Client, Canada)

I came with empty handed, but left with a new connection with some wonderful people. Along with some amazing pieces that spoke to me and will undoubtedly help to reject the negative & invite the positive.

I love how the universe works, bringing good people into other good people’s paths to help, share, teach, and learn.

Paul Foster (Actor, Singapore)

My baby girl has been wearing Anna's Amber teething necklace since she was 6 months old. It has helped her overcome many painful and sleepless teething days and nights.

We love the necklace plus it looks super cute on her!

Deborah Negrash (Client, Hongkong)