- Nourul Depp (Client, Malaysia)

First when I stop at the shop Anna Michielan for a friend who is looking for tourmaline crystal. I thought this is another jewellers to sell their creations. The truth it is not. This crystal creations are so different because it’s with purpose - to heal and to calm you down as well as work your chakras.
Being me, I never belief in stones or crystals. What happened was, I coincidentally bought one tourmaline and hematite bracelet because one of my bracelets was broken. So as for replacement - that was my intention.
For some reasons, I feel different and found myself become focus, grounded and alert. Trust me, I notice it because I do a lot of meditation as well as personal development. Since then, I keep going back and start to collect the crystal for daily as per my needs.
We are in busy and stressful world. We need time and we need to heal from what we experienced - for us to be calmer and better focus.
I really love all the crystals by Anna Michielan. You have your experience yourself and share it as well. Stone and crystal created by God (no matter what religion and belief you have) - it is one of the ways from Him to HEAL us.

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