Embark on a sacred journey with our ethereal crystals. Our crystals have a purpose to assist you on your journey of life. Our crystals aren't just pretty stones; they're companions on your life journey. Treat them well, and they'll return the favor with love that lasts a lifetime. Ready to make a connection? Adopt a crystal today and infuse it with your love.

If you're here, you're crystal-curious.

Are the stones talking to you? Can you feel the stones calling to you?

Anna Michielan presents crystals and stones that add depth and meaning to your life. In Anna's workshop, crystals aren't just pretty decor – they're cherished, cleansed daily, programmed with purpose, and blessed with holy water and prayers.

Dive into our crystal care guide for the scoop on cleaning, connecting, and programming these little wonders!


Choosing the crystal is a process of mutual connection. Before choosing your stone empty your mind and ask for guidance. Empty your mind, seek guidance, and let your intuition guide you. The piece that speaks to you? That's the one with the healing properties you need.


Cleansing is an important part of caring for your stone. Caring for your crystal is essential for receiving the benefits of their healing properties. When it feels dense with energy, give it a cold water bath and a reprogram – a monthly treat, especially during the full moon. Programming your crystal comes after your first connection. Personalize it, give it a mission, and let it work its magic.

Intent is key in crystal care. Here are some practical methods to keep those good vibes flowing:

  • Visualize the Light: Picture golden white light flowing through your crystal, cleansing it of all energies not aligned with Light & Love.
  • Water Soak: Hold crystals under running water or immerse them in the sea or salt water (check compatibility, avoid with silver) with the intention to wash away negativity and recharge under the Full Moon.
  • Crystal BFFs: Certain crystals, like Carnelian, can keep your crystal crew cleansed without much effort.
  • Cluster Power: Place your crystals and jewelry on Clear Quartz or Amethyst clusters overnight.
  • Smudging: Use incense, palo santo, sage, or candlelight to clear energies.
  • Flower Essence Bath: Soak stones in flower essences like rose petals or honeysuckle for 24 hours to strip away negativity.
  • Sound Serenade: Let beautiful mantras and music infuse positive frequencies into your crystals. Crystals and stone absorb music and sound, as they transmit frequencies and electrical impulses. We play the beautiful Lama Gangchen Crystal Massage Method Mantra daily!

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Let your instincts guide you, and let the crystals weave their magic into your life's tapestry. 🌈✨