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We've crafted this valuable tool for you to connect with your inner self and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

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Savor the wisdom within our Chakra Chart Guide. The Seven Chakras, or “Wheels” of Energy, are portrayed in distinct hues corresponding to their auric fields.

Each piece in Anna Michielan’s Collection is intricately linked to one of the Seven Chakras, serving to harmonize each energy center and allowing your inner beauty to radiate with the assistance of these crystals.

These stones emanate frequencies and vibrations that align with different Chakras. By balancing your Chakras, you elevate your well-being and reinstate harmony on emotional, physical, and spiritual planes.

It’s time for you to delve into your inner world and resonate at your highest potential. Utilize the Chakra chart to explore a symptom, focus on a specific Chakra, or simply seek guidance from your intuition to understand your connection with the crystals. On the left, we've cataloged all the stones associated with their respective Chakras, and on the right, we've outlined the effects of potential disharmony linked to an imbalanced Chakra.

Disclaimer: Crystal Healing

Kindly note that the meanings behind healing crystals are spiritual and emotional supports for healing, and they do not serve as prescriptions or healthcare information.

We do not propose viewing Crystal Healing as a substitute for Medical Therapy. Instead, we recommend integrating crystal healing into your broader healing, medical, or spiritual practices.


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