Chakra Chart

Enjoy our Gift
We prepared this useful tool to connect with your inner self and learn to explore your soul.

Enjoy our Chakra Chart Guide. Your Seven Chakra or “Wheels” of Energy are indicated in different colors accordingly to their auric field. 

Each one of Anna Michielan’s Collection is connected to one of the Seven Chakras, to help harmonize each energy centre, and to shine from your inner beauty with help from the crystals.

The Stones emit frequencies and vibrations resonating to the different Chakras and by balancing your Chakra you enhance your wellbeing and restore harmony on your emotional, physical and spiritual levels.

It’s time for you to explore your inner world and vibrate at your highest potential.

Use the Chakra chart exploring a symptom, a chakra,  or simply receive guidance from your intuition to find out how to relate to your crystals. On the left we are listing all the stones related to their Chakras and on the right we listed the effect of possible disharmony related to an unbalanced Chakras. 

*Disclaimer Crystal Healing*

Please note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual and emotional supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

We do not suggest considering Crystal Healing as a substitute of Medical Therapy, rather we suggest incorporating crystal healing with any other healing, medical or spiritual practice.