Kunzite - synthesizes your energy to produce loving thoughts and loving communication. Simply holding this stone produces the feeling of deep peace, gently penetrating your inner core of your being. It connects one to the infinite source of love, providing for purification on all levels. Kunzite can be used to remove obstacles from your path and eliminates energy blockages.

Disclaimer: Some stones are known to change color over time. This can happen after a long exposure to the sun; we advise you not to expose the stone under the sun for a long period of time. The other reason that a stone can fade or change colour is after intense usage of it's energetic properties. When you use the stone for a specific issue, it's possible that the stone has done its job and that both you and the stone are ready to move to the next phase in life. We suggest to offer the stone to the elements (ocean, sea, river, under the ground).