Sapphire - clears you of unwanted thoughts and brings you joy and peace of mind; it opens you to beauty and intuition. Sapphire is the wisdom stone, facilitates self-expression and stimulates your third eye; it brings prosperity and attracts gifts of...
Sapphire Blue
Sapphire Blue - is a seeker after spiritual truth; it facilitates your self-expression and speaking your truth.
Sapphire Green
Sapphire Green - stimulates the heart chakra, bringing loyalty, fidelity and integrity.
Sapphire Pink
Sapphire Pink - is a fast acting stone teaching you to master emotions.
Sapphire Purple
Sapphire Purple- activates your pineal gland and opens your crown chakra.
Sapphire Star
Sapphire Star - has a five-pointed star in it. It expands your intuition.
Sapphire Tundroo
Sapphire Tundroo - Rare and super sparkly Tundroo sapphires come from the Tunduru region of Tanzania; they range in color from deep garnet red, to purple, to plum, to orange to olive green, and to golden yellow. Sapphire is a stone of...
Sapphire Yellow
Sapphire Yellow - attracts wealth into the home.
Sugilite - brings about the realization of the connection between the well being of your body and your mind; it brings you light and love into the darkest situation. It encourages positive thoughts and promotes self-forgiveness. Sugilite is a “love stone...
Shungite - is an ancient mineral that forms in the Earth’s crust; it is around 2 billion years old and predominantly found in the Karelia region of Russia. Shungite is a very potent anti-oxidant, and is a powerful stone to shield...
Staurolite - has a calming and relaxing energy, heart and mind. It has a soothing energy to help you feel centered and aid deep spiritual grounding. Carry this stone with you to strengthen the vibrations in your surrounding and positively influence the...
Star Diopside
Star Diopside - is a stone of healing that has a refreshing energy; it can help you heal in many ways emotionally, and in releasing your dense emotions. It is a stone of "Living in the Moment"; it helps you overcome...
Sphere Shape
Sphere Shape - Balls are usually shaped from a larger piece of crystal and they emit energy in all direction equally. Used as a window to the past or future, they move energy through time and provide a glimpse of what is to come.
Soulmate Tantric Twin
Soulmate Tantric Twin - Soulmate crystal draws a Soulmate by your side in a union of energies; they are beneficial for every kind of relationship mother-daughter, father-son, employer and employee. They bring harmonious partnership. A tantric twin crystal teaches you to...
Skeleton Quartz
Skeleton Quartz - removes dense energy, and grounds spiritual energy into the physical body. Skeleton Quartz are used to assist in the mass cleansing, healing and reawakening that is currently facing us. The Skeleton Quartz is known to bring great comfort to...
Sillimanite - is a "feel good" crystal.. Sillimanite raises your energy vibration and it brings loving thought processes (self-love). It supports your Spiritual Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, and the intellectual body, allowing those three to work well together.
Shiva - also known as Mahadeva “the great God” is one of the principal deities of Hinduism. He is the supreme being within Shaivism, one of the major traditions within contemporary Hinduism.
Seven Chakra String Bracelets
Seven Chakra String Bracelets - Simplicity, clarity, and a single stone. This collection of 7 chakra bracelets is for those who value the minimalist art.  Each handpicked crystal relates to one of the seven chakras, and the high quality string...
Seven Chakra Stones
Seven Chakra Stones -  When you need a refreshing pick-me-up, find your center, or restore your energy from cell phones and laptops, step into your healing sanctuary and lay down flat in a comfortable position and place a chakra stone on...
Selenite - brings you clarity of mind, and instills a deep spiritual peace; it opens your higher chakras, is excellent for mediation and healing work. Selenite placed in your house ensure peaceful atmosphere.  
Scolecite - is a “Stone of Lightworkers”. It is a very powerful high vibration crystal with the energy to awaken the heart and blend its energies with the higher chakras. Scolecite will help you in making a deeper spiritual connection. Another benefit of this crystal...