VIP Crystal Experience

Elevate Your Crystal Experience with our Expert:
A Crystal therapist and mineral guide at your service as a personal shopper.

Be-spoke Crystal Personal Shopping & Crystal Reading

We know how amazing all crystals and minerals can look, and how overwhelming it can be to choose the right ones.
They all have different properties, chemical composition and effects on our bodies, mind and emotions.
They also have different interactions with each other! 

We have a consierge available for a deep personal shopping experience: a certified Crystal Therapist, expert in stones and minerals. Are you ready for a unique experience? The crystal selection will surprise you!  

Our expert will guide you in the right direction based on your request of what you want to attract, enhance or let go in your life.

She will ask you in-deep questions to point you in the right direction for your purchase, sharing ALL information about the crystals and minerals selected either by choice or instinct.
It will be a real intimate conversation about the present phase of your life and how the mineral kingdom can support it

Any health instructions or energetic instructions on how to use, clean and charge your jewelry and crystals will be included. This will elevate your experience to the max when you receive your selected items as you will know exactly what elements they represent, how to use them, and expand and magnify their effect in your life, with surprising results…

The expert will be here for ANY question you have related to crystals and minerals, and choosing the right ones for you and or your loved ones will become a self discovery journey. 

Receive tailored suggestions to what YOU really need to support your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. 

Are you ready for a conversation with a mystical outcome?

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Fee per hour USD$ 55.00

Hours of Operation:

Tuesday & Thursday 10am - 11am WITA
Tuesday & Thursday 12pm - 13pm WITA
(Suggested for USA & Indonesia)

Tuesday & Thursday 5pm - 6pm WITA
(Suggested for EU & Indonesia)