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This ring has a unique octagon shape, with a carefully chosen Crystal Clear Quartz stone set in Silver; it compliments your daily look with a bright and shiny presence, and simply admiring this piece will give you clarity and inspiration in your life. The Octagon shape represents eternal life, regeneration and rebirth. Crystal Clear Quartz  is a power crystal that harmonizes and balances your aura; it enhances energy and thoughts, and purifies your spiritual, mental, and physical energies. It is also a powerfully protective stone, bringing the purified energy into your energy field. Clear quartz is associated with the crown chakra, and has the ability to amplify, transform, store, focus, and transfer energy. Silver is the metal of the moon. Like the moon and water, silver is reflective and used to mirror the soul bringing you calm and balance. Another aspect of wearing Silver jewelry, it brings you more in tune with the vibrations and flow of the universe.

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Jewel Description
Shaped in Mercaba
set with Silver 925