S21 - Crystal Pendulum Wand

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Pendulums are used to dialogue with your Higher Guidance. It serves as a biofeedback device. When relaxed and centered ask the pendulum to show you a “yes’ and a “no” and establish the directions. Crystal Clear Quartz enhances energy and thoughts. Crystal clear quartz activates the crown chakra, it is the most powerful  energy amplifier on our planet. Use this  wand shaped small pendulum for yourself, or your beloved one to ask questions, to meditate and get clarity in your intuitions. Connection to source will be empowered and you will awake your consciousness by being able to see things clear. Use the pendulum to “activate” other crystals and Crystal Grids as well. For healers and therapist it is an amazing tool as well as you can use pendulum to feel the chakras, unlock them, and balance them. 

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Jewel Description
Crystal Clear Quartz
on Silver 925 chain