U14 - Regenerating Mala

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This long version mala (longer than H16) with Garnet and  Aquamarine pendant, and a cute tassel that adds a playful element to this piece. Copper is an energy transmitter enhancing the properties of Garnet and Aquamarine. Aquamarine inspires truth, trust and letting go. Red Garnet is the color of life and vitality;  promotes will power and courage. Gemstones and crystals are a key element of the natural world and play an important role in physical, emotional, and spirituality. We like to encourage you to explore the healing powers of these natural elements.

If you want to learn more about the property of the Garnet go to
Crystal Properties

Jewel Description
Aquamarine, Garnet 6mm, Copper wire,          
72 beads,
85.0cm gr