VS450 - Love and Spirituality

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Long mala necklace with Brandenberg pendant set with Silver Cuttlefish casting, Pink Opal and Amethyst. Brandenberg is considered to be a wonderful tool in finding harmony and balance, amplifying energy, easing stress and accelerate your healing process, some contain ‘water bubbles’ bringing properties for cleansing and purifying the emotions. Pink Opal is a “stone for renewal”, renewing the sacred relationship between yourself and all that is. It helps to guide you in the journey of your life; it promotes permanence in the connection between your conscious self and your inner knowing. Cuttlefish Bone Cast; a 12th century technique of casting called “osso di seppia” which results in single pieces each with a unique pattern.
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Crystal Properties
Jewel Description
Pink Opal, Amethyst, pend Brandenberg with cuttlefish bone casting,
126 beads,
100cm long